About K & P Railroad Equipment

About K&P Railroad Equipment

KPRail.com is the global marketplace for the rail, transportation, and cargo industries.

We have built the worlds first and largest true marketplace that caters to the rail, transportation, and cargo industries. We believe in relationships and we are also aware that more business is conducted online every day. That is why we help build relationships between customers and merchants in an industry that has largely been under represented in the online space.

We help our community of sellers take their business online with a free marketplace and web presence, where they can list their products and business information, set their own prices and be a part of a growing trusted destination for railroads and industry related customers. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for a quicker and more transparent way of doing business.

KPRail.com is owned and operated by K & P Railroad Equipment.

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While we have come a long way from where we started we still have a long way to go. The business model and idea have changed from our original plan, and has grown in to something amazing! Here is how it all started.

K & P Railroad Equipment was founded in 2018 in Arkansas City KS by Shae Koenke and Travis Pearman. Their goal was to optimize and tailor solutions to meet their customer needs while relieving any unwanted stress to their clients. Understanding the customer and their need to save time and money that is better spent on things other than sourcing, K & P Railroad Equipment was formed.

K & P prides itself on getting your order right and delivering on schedule. These two attributes combined with our dedication to our customers, form the backbone of our commitment to excellence to customer service. The railroad has a long rich history in the United States and K & P Railroad Equipment is proud to be a part of it's future. K & P Railroad Equipment "We keep you moving!".

We Keep You Moving!

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