Driver and Tamper Kit

Driver / Tamper with anti-vibration Handle Combo Kit:

  • Drive Bit
  • Tamper Bit
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Driver / Tamper with anti-vibration Handle Combo Kit, comes with Drive bit and Tamper Bit

Purpose Breaker

Lightweight, extremely versatile hydraulic breaker

  • Versatility: Lightweight and powerful hand-held tool presents countless MOW solutions.
  • Ease of use is maintained with anti-vibration handles to absorb the impact energy from the tool furing operation.
  • Control valve features a feathering on-off for precise control of the output energy
  • Tool operation is designed for light to medium duty applications
  • Bit locking system retains the tool bit from loosening or detaching from the tool during operation.
  • Leg Guard provides greater control and comfort.
  • Cold weather operations hydraulics will not freeze up in cold conditions.