Stanley Rail drill RD12, Drill and Bottle

The RD12 Rail Drill will increase daily production while reducing labor costs.


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Stanley Rail drill RD12, Drill and Bottle

The power of the RD12 when used in conjunction with our exclusive indexable carbide tipped bits easily drills both hardened and standard rail with the same tool, which provides the lowest cost per hole available on the market. Lightweight aluminum construction provides ease of handling, loading, and unloading. Preset integrated water ports is used for accurate and continues drill lubrication. Water coolant eliminates the need to maintain and store costly oils or chemicals. Automatic water shut-off is used when the spindle is retracted. This feature conserves water, thereby, reducing downtime required to refill the water tank. Over-center clamp design provides quick and easy setup of tool on rail. Automatic drill feed and spindle speed provide greater precision in drilling, tool rack for holding extra bits and TorxTM driver provides greater operator convenience and speed in setting up the RD12 Rail Drill. Fast drilling speed at 40 seconds or less per hole increases daily production while reducing labor costs. Keyless chuck requires no tools to install or remove bits.


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Weight 1088 oz
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 20 in