Series ID Rail Heater Car

Model: T2Z
Car Style: Full Size
Canopy: Yes
Style of Burners: Diesel
No. of Burners: 20
Vibrators: Dual with float
Vaporizer: No
Speed: 18 – 20 MPH
Engine: Diesel(John Deere) 80-140 HP
Fuel: Diesel
Enclosed Cab


Series ID Diesel Heater Car (20 MPH) 24 Volt

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For those situations where safety considerations or fuel availability render the use of propane undesirable for heating continuous welded rail (CWR), Teleweld can now provide an alternative. The Series ID CWR Heater Car features clean and efficient burners using pressure injected, #2 diesel fuel and blower impelled, combustion air. A short flame projection, and side shields that confine the heat output close to the rail, maximize the transfer of heat to the rail while minimizing the possibility of igniting ties or other flammable materials in the road bed.



The Teleweld Series ID CWR Rail Heater Car is a continuously welded rail heater. The Heater Car will feature a propulsion system providing travel / work speeds to 20 MPH and dual vibrators (8HC), dual heaters (10 burners over each rail) and a 300 gallon diesel fuel reservoir.   The cab will feature air conditioning and heating capabilities.


Heating Unit

Each heating unit consists of 20 burners mounted on a 2 heater units designed for heating on wood ties / concrete. The two heating units are capable of producing a combined total of 2,000,000 B.T.U.’s (per side) per hour. The burners are diesel fueled.


Diesel Tank

Diesel carried in a 300 gallon storage tank installed on the Heater Car.


Wheels, Axles & Bearings

All axles are solid, and utilize double row, self-aligning, non-expansion roller type axle bearings mounted in a cast steel or ductile iron pillow block housing. Split collars are provided to prevent axial movement of the axles. Axles will be 2 15/16 inches in diameter.  Wheels will be insulated or non-insulated as requested by customer.

Drive System

The Heater Car is powered by a liquid-cooled John Deere Diesel engine coupled to a dual position transmission with a dual hydrostat drive. Two hydraulic motors coupled to drive sprockets will provide a 20 MPH operation speed.


Brake System

The Heater Car is equipped with conventional style, wheel tread shoe brakes that are pneumatic controlled. The fail-safe brake system will feature a standard service brake activated by the service brake valve, and the parking brake being spring applied and pneumatic pressure release that is controlled by a parking brake valve.   In addition, the emergency shutdown button also activates the brakes.


Emergency & Safety Systems

The Heater Car is supplied with five emergency stop buttons, one which is located on the control panel and one on each exterior corner of the car. The emergency stop buttons will shut off the engine, the diesel supply, hydraulics and will apply the brakes. A hand pump is provided to raise the burners and vibrators to their stored position in case of emergency towing of the vehicle in a power failure.


Engine & Power Train

The Heater Car is operated using a liquid cooled diesel engine connected to a dual hydrostats and gear pump. The engine includes a 24 volt starter, an alternator, and electric throttle control.



The Heater Car is equipped with dual hydraulic motors which provide speeds from 0 to 20 MPH.


Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system features a gear pump for operating the vibrators, lifting and lowering the burner assemblies and vibrator assemblies. A hydrostatic transmission is provided for driving the heater car.


**Options available upon request.