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Everything you need to know to get started selling on the worlds railroad and transportation marketplace!


Welcome to selling on KPRail!

At KPRail we value a good customer experience, and our customers want a trusted source for a variety of goods for their business or next big project. That is why sellers like you are so important. We are always trying to improve our process and make it easier than ever before for a company or project leader to source their equipment and materials. As a KPRail vendor, you will take part in offering those companies a better selection, at better prices, and a second to none customer experience.

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The KPRail advantage

When you become a KPRail vendor, you become part of the railroad and transportation destination that’s home to sellers from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid sized companies. They all sell here for the same reason to reach the hundreds of thousands of customers who visit KPRail to shop.

Is KPRail right for my business?

In a nutshell.. YES. The largest rail and transportation companies sell on KPRail. So do young and emerging brands that are sure to make a splash. Small and medium sized businesses find great success here, and they account for more than half the units sold in our marketplace worldwide. Whatever your business is, and whatever size it is, we’re excited for you to grow with us. So sign up and let us help you increase sales today!

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How much does it cost to sell on KPRail?

Sales Fee

KPRail currently does not charge a monthly subscription fee to start selling items. We do however charge a selling fee. These fees are charged per item sold, and they include referral fees, which are a percentage of the selling price and may vary depending on the product’s category. Fees for vendors items will be determined upon signup.

Shipping Fees

We charge these shipping rates based on the product category and shipping service selected by the buyer.


Get to know your account dashboard

Once you are approved as a KPRail vendor, you’ll have access to your account dashboard. This is your portal to your KPRail business and a one stop location for managing your vendor account, adding product information, making inventory updates, managing payments, and finding helpful content to help you navigate your KPRail business. It’s also where you list all your products.
This is just a few of the things you can do from your account dashboard.

  • Keep track of your inventory and update your listings from the Inventory tab
  • Download custom business reports
  • Use customer metrics tools to monitor your seller performance
  • Contact Selling Partner Support and open help tickets
  • Keep track of your daily sales for all of your products sold on KPRail

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How to list products

Listing your first product

To sell a product on KPRail, you must first create a product listing. The specific way vendors upload and list their products varies, but it comes down to two options. When signing up for a new vendor account, vendors have the option of listing their products in large batches using bulk uploading by filling out a spreadsheet, we will provide you upon account approval. We will then do the bulk upload for you, to help you jump-start your product listings and get you selling quicker. Vendors also have the option of listing products one at a time.

What you need to start listing products

In most cases, products must have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as a UPC, an ISBN, or an EAN. KPRail uses these product IDs to identify the exact item you’re selling. At the very least your product needs some sort of an ID so that it can be tracked and identified. We are currently accepting your internal product ID for those that use internal numbers as opposed to a GTIN.

In addition to a product ID, here’s some of the important information that goes into each product listing:

  • SKU
  • Product title
  • Product description and bullet points
  • Product images
  • Search terms and relevant keywords
  • Shipping Weight
  • Shipping Dimensions
  • Lead Time
  • Price

Restricted Categories or Brands

It’s important that customers are able to shop with confidence on KPRail, which is why some product categories, or brands are known as “restricted product categories.” KPRail might require performance checks, additional fees, and other qualifications in order for you to sell certain brands or list items within restricted categories. If this applies to your products we will let you know and work with you to get approval.

Complete listings = Successful listings

Following our guidelines and best practices for adding your product listings can have a huge impact on their success. Make it easy for buyers to find your products by adding descriptive titles, clear images, and concise feature bullets to your items. Avoid these things that could negatively impact your listings and account performance:

Image compliance
Your images must be at least 500 x 500 pixels (increase the size to 1,000 x 1,000 for high-quality listings). We prefer to have your product set against a plain white background when possible. The product should fill at least 80% of the image area.

Product Information compliance
Your products must include product ID, Product title, Product description, Product images, Shipping Weight, Shipping Dimensions, Lead Time, Price.

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Performance metrics and vendor excellence

KPRail vendors are expected to operate at a high standard so we can provide a good seamless customer experience. This means keeping an eye on these key areas:

Order defect rate (a measure of a seller’s customer service standards): < 1%
Pre-fulfillment cancel rate (initiated by the seller before shipment): < 2.5%
Late shipment rate (orders that ship after the expected date): < 4%
Innacurate listings and not honoring your own product listings < 1%

We will inform you of these issues and keep track of them for your vendor account. We fully expect our vendors to uphold the highest standards, and we will if need be remove listings and vendors who do not maintain a quality of excellence in our marketplace. This is done to ensure integrity in the process and instill confidence in our buyers.

Customer Reviews

Customer product reviews are an important part of the buying experience on KPRail, and they benefit both customers and sellers.

Customer Reviews should always give customers legitimate product feedback from fellow shoppers. We have a zero tolerance policy for any reviews that are designed to mislead or manipulate KPRail customers.

We don't allow anyone to write reviews as a form of promotion.

The following types of reviews are against our policies and will be removed:

A review by someone who has a direct or indirect financial interest in the product.
A review by someone perceived to have a close personal relationship with the product's owner or manufacturer.
A review by the product manufacturer, posing as an unbiased shopper.
Multiple negative reviews for the same product from one customer.
A review in exchange for monetary reward.
A negative review from a seller on a competitor's product.
A positive review from a peer's album in exchange for receiving a positive review from them.

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