Series II Rail Heater Car

Model: T2G
Car Style: Compact
Canopy: No
Style of Burners: Standard
No. of Burners: 8
Vibrators: Single with float
Vaporizer: No
Speed: 10 MPH
Engine: 16 HP
Fuel: Propane

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The Teleweld Series II CWR Heater Car is specifically designed for contractor applications, or when extended use is not indicated. The Series II uses locally available 100# capacity propane tanks. This versatile, light weight unit is highly portable, and has been designed for use when quantities of rail per day is not a prerequisite. Ideal for temperature correction when replacing curved rail sections, or when laying CWR. An optional self propelled feature is available.



The Teleweld Series II CWR Rail Heater Car is a continuously welded rail heater. The     Heater Car will feature a propulsion system providing travel / work speeds to 10 MPH      and single vibrator (2HC), single sided heaters (8 burners over one rail) and (4) 100-          pound propane tanks (customer supplied) with storage for 4 spares.


Heating Unit

Each heating unit consists of 8 crucibles mounted on a standard carriages designed for      heating on wood ties. The heating unit is capable of producing a total of 425,000   B.T.U.’s per hour. The burners are propane fueled, naturally aspirated and packed with       high temperature mortar to distribute the heat along the rail.


The machine will be equipped with Teleweld crucibles. These crucibles are of welded      construction and contain brass burner screens.


Propane Tanks

Propane carried in (4) 100-pound propane tanks (customer supplied). All propane lines are either stainless steel, extra heavy iron pipe, high-pressure flexible hose,flexible tubing or rigid tubing. A heat shield is provided to protect manifolds and fittings.


Wheels, Axles & Bearings

All axles are solid, and utilize axle bearings mounted in a cast steel or ductile iron             bearings. Split collars are provided to prevent axial movement of the axles. Axles are           non-insulated.


Drive System

The Heater Car is powered by a Kohler Command 18HP engine coupled to a hydraulic     pump. A hydraulic motor coupled to a drive sprocket will provide a 10 MPH operation        speed. A clutch will be provided to disengage the drive system for towing.


Brake System

A hand brake is provides for parking. Dynamic braking is accomplished utilizing the hydraulic drive motor.


Federal Railroad Administration Safety Items

The following safety items will be installed to meet Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration’s Roadway Maintenance Machine Safety: Final Rule: 49 CFR Part 214:


Engine & Power Train

The Heater Car is operated using a Kohler Command 18HP engine connected to a gear pump. The engine includes a 12 volt starter, an alternator, and manual throttle control. The engine runs off of propane, with a gasoline tank provide as a reserve option.



The Heater Car is equipped with a hydraulic motor which provides speeds from 0 to 10 MPH.


Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system features a gear pump for operating the vibrator, lifting and lowering the burner assembly and vibrator assembly, and driving the heater car.


***Options available upon request – Tow Bar as per customer supplied specifications